Questions and Answers

School Information

1. When Did the School Open? 2018
2. Where are you located?
1984 Biltmore St
Port Saint Lucie Florida

Academic Information

What GPA must In maintain to be in good standing? 2.00 or better.
Any student below a 2.00 after 2 semester is on academic probation and after your 4 semester is subject to academic dismissal.


Each course will have 1 test, 1 quiz, a midterm, and a final paper.
1 page paper or quiz if you watch the lecture and do not attend it live.
If you attend the lecture live then it is extra credit for that course.
We have live and pre-recorded lecture

Student Life

Currently we do not offer housing.
We have tons of activities you are always welcome to join at Spoken Word Worldwide Deliverance Ministries.

Student Decals

Parking Decals are 30 per semester or 50 a year.