Doctorate of Divinity
The Doctor of Divnity in Pastoral Divinity is a 30 semester hour program.  The program focuses upon the teaching of important doctrines through the study of key Bible books from both the Old and New Testaments.  The program is a great option for those who are seeking to teach in the local church and desire to enhance their knowledge of the Bible.

The Doctor of Divinity in Pastoral Divinityrequires language work or a dissertation.  All of the coursework is lecture-based, with a variety of professors presenting practical exposition courses for the Christian teacher.  Students will be challenged to think more deeply about the Word of God than ever before.  Most courses will test the student’s grasp of the course material through traditional final exams.  Upon completion of the course, students should have a large collection of practical expository notes that they can easily transform into lessons for the church classroom.

Course Number    Course Name                  Course Description         Credits
OTBB8865          Isaiah                                                                              3
NTBB8101          Mark                                                                              3
NTBB8102          Matthew                                                                         3
NTBB8525          Galatians                                                                        3
NTBB8538          Revelations                                                                     3
NTBB8870          Epistle of John                                                               3

Core Classes
THEO7100          Old Testament Divinity                                                  3
THEO7200          New Testament Divinity                                                  3
THEO7330          Doctrine of the Holy Spirit                                             3
THEO7340          Doctrine of Christ                                                           3