About Us

School of the written word was birth out of Spoken Word Worldwide Ministries. We know that in order for one to fully understand God words, they must be able to rightfully read, divide, and understand Gods word. Here at SOTWW our goal with the direction of the Holy Spirit is to complete this mighty task of God. We are proudly directed under Apostle Loretta D. Hill and Bishop James Hill.

We know there are many different seminary, bible colleges, and institutions of religion you can chose to assemble yourself at, however we are grateful that you are considering us, or have joined in to be a part of School of the Written Word.

What makes us so set aside from other schools?
1. We use a real world approach, we have lived in the real world.
2. We know when God is speaking and how to become quiet and listen.
3. We teach, train, guide, and lead under the gumption of the Holy Spirit.
We believe in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit